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Since many people has been requesting me as friend, I lost track on who is able to see my entries. From now on I will be making my personal entries friends only for security reasons, I just make public entries the ones I consider are not anything related to my regular life. If you would like to be add please comment on this entry how do you know me. Thanks!!!!


"FeedsBack post!"

This post is a place for feedback from my wig commissions!

How does this works:

I would like feedback from people on how they feel about the wigs they've ordered from me. 1 to 5 :star:'s and any comments you may have.
(If you don't want to use stars, please at least give a number rating. Like 3/5 etc)
Even if you don't have an Live journal account you can still comment, when you comment please let know what wig I did for you! ^^

:star: Means you weren't really satisfied overall
:star::star: Not great but ok.
:star::star::star: Good
:star::star::star::star: Happy but maybe it really takes something to be impressed
:star::star::star::star::star: Completely satisfied

**Please use proper grammar and keep it polite.**

some of the stuff you can answer are:

-did you like it?
-did you get it in time?
-Does it looks like the character's hair/prop?
-was the color of your like?
-was it the proper measure for your head?
-does the style looks the same as the pictures I send you or did it get damage?



Wish list :D

If someone knows where I can get these stuff or you are willing to sell your own please contact me! :D

Digimon Frontier 2003 Calendar

Zoe pink D-tector

Wig commissions 2012

New year new goal!

By the end of 2011, I wasn't keeping track very well from my wig commissions.
This year I plan to have 100% communication with my clients. ^A^

Catching up with-
Wendy (100%)
Krad and Dark wig
Valtavarez and Hack

Alice (100%)
Princess Peach (100%)
Gohan (100%)
Zatch (30%)
Wocky (20%)
Rebecca (30%)
Yami (20%)
ADR-01 (20%)

Marik ver 2. (in progress)
Iria (In progress)

Wig Commissions 2011


As most of you know already, I will be doing a lot less commissions than last year.

I'm still not sure if I'll be able to take any for Spring or Summer but I'll try.

(The following wigs will be ship by ) :D


Progress percentage
* pending : means that not a confirmation or not made some of the payment
* In progress:  some or all payment made and wig to be buy soon
*10%-20% : Wig purchased and starting to set up
*30%-50% :  Analyze/ currently Styling
*60%-80%:  Styling and making details
*85%-94%:   Making last details
*95%-100%:  Complete and to be ship. wig

Currently working on

To do...
Ahiru (100%)
Kiri Luchile (100%)
Kumuro (100%)
Takuto (100%)
Marik(100%) T
akuto 2 (100%)
Krad (100%)
Ikki (100%) T
oph 3 (100%)
Isa 3 (100%)
Lelouch (100%)
Latvia (100%)
Link (100%)
Lloyd (100%)
Tomoya 2 (100%)
Gohan (100%)-
Takuto 3 (70%)

Natsu (100%)
Dark (100%)
Krad (80%)
Lucrecia (100%)
Danny phantom (100%)
Sugata (100%)

1)Hope (100%)
2)Goku (100%)
3)Valvatorez (80%)
4)Hack (80%)
5)Son Gohan (100%)
6)Paine (100%)
7)Wendy (100%)
8)Sion (100%)
9)Alice (100%)
10)Marik (100%)
11)Simon (100%)

Back to life?

I want to use my Livejournal like I used to but I don't know if people are still active here. 0.0

Digimon Xros wars again

Digimon latest episode been really great! The second part of the season feels more like digimon(FINALLY!)
New digi-evolutions for Shoutmon and Greymon! :D They are so freaking strong to be champions but they barely were able to defeat several of the generals w/ Kiriha and taiki powers combine. I wonder how are they going to beat Baguramon. :0 Maybe nene will combine powers with Yuu or something in the future too? :D

lol, I never thought nene, taiki and Kiriha were going to be the main main characters. @__@ I always thought Zen and akari were going to be taiki's best pals though all the season.

This second  part of the season so far has shown a lot more back story of the kids, specially nene and oh yeah new digi-destined.
Aside note, Marvamon is awesome!!!

Next episode preview makes me wonder if the green hair girl is really a new kid for the season or is it a digimon that looks just like a human like in season 5 movie? 0.0;;; I'm really looking forward for the next three episodes after reading some spoilers in the digimon  blog.

Some stuff for sale

-I accept offers. :)
-Shipping is not included, let me know your zip code and I'll let you know the cost ASAP.
-I can combine shipping if you buy multiple items! :)
-I accept paypal and MO.

wigs/propsCollapse )

DigimonCollapse )
Anime DVDsCollapse )

KuroshitsujiCollapse )

Yu gi ohCollapse )

Battle spiritsCollapse )

Dragon ballCollapse )

One pieceCollapse )

CLAMPCollapse )

PokemonCollapse )

Square enixCollapse )

OtherCollapse )

Puella Magi

omg!!! is finally this week! @__@ The ending episodes of Puella Magi Madoka Magica!!! yes!
I just read this wiki.puella-magi.net/Speculah:Let%27s_Predict_the_Ending  and wow! There could be so many endings! I just hope they give a real ending not like xxxHolic. >w<
I believe it can end like 5-7 of the listed ending there but it would be great if they would ended something totally not predictable.
Is totally something I'm looking forward this week!
The best Magical girl anime I have seen! :DDDDD

Crazy for toys!

OMG!!! These kids are the craziest fans for spongebob! xD
lol! It was barely posted 4 days ago and has over 1 million views!! HAHAHA!!! XD